My name is Quincy Adam, owner of Quincy Adam photography. I live in Chester County, PA with my wife Kimberly. I always imagined that I would have a super creative story to tell when people asked how I got into wedding photography. The truth is that I didn’t hold a camera at birth, or spend a lifetime studying photography. I started in post-production and eventually built more interest on the production-side further into my career. I have served as a graphic/multimedia designer for several years, but had discovered a newborn passion in photography after attending several design conferences across the US. My passion grew for photography as I gained experience working with digital photography and working with other photographers; particularly wedding photographers.

I have learned a lot over the course of the years, especially this past year in regards to wedding photography. My wife and I were married on June 26, 2009 and we spent many hours seeking out creative wedding photographers. We did our shopping around, and the moment we found our photographers, we instantly fell in love with their work. We loved their creative and photo journalistic style in storytelling and it was exactly what we wanted to capture in our day. Our wedding planning with them was perfect, the flow of our wedding day was flawless, having our photos taken on our wedding day was painless, and our deliverables were worth every penny.

When I picked-up our wedding album and prints, I had asked our photographers for advice. Having gone through the wedding process, and hearing far too many nightmarish wedding photography stories, I wanted to learn the ropes through professional photographers. As I kick off and start my journey, I would like to thank Stringer Photography by Lori and Neville for letting me apprentice under them this wedding season. I have quite a ways to go in learning, but what I have learned from them thus far has been completely invaluable. They are truly masters in what they do and anyone who has used them would say nothing less. Their success in this industry truly speaks for the work they do. With all my heart, thank you!

Quincy Adam Photography Short Bio

Quincy Adam Photography is a modern wedding photography business serving the greater Philadelphia area. Quincy Adam Photography is Chester County wedding photographer, Delaware County wedding photographer and Montgomery County wedding photographer. Quincy Adam Photography offers modern wedding photography on the Main Line. Quincy Adam Photography specializes in portraits, engagements and modern wedding photography. Quincy Adam Photography style is modern, fun, elegant and classy. Quincy Adam Photography is based out of Paoli, PA.