What type of style is Quincy Adam Photography?
I am a modern wedding photographer, but I think it’s important to embrace all styles of photography. A lot of magic happens during those ‘real’ moments, though some of the most creative shots can be taken candidly or staged.

What is your pricing?
Visit my pricing page and contact me for details.

I want some of the items from your highest level package, but at your starting price. Do you negotiate packages?
As a wedding photographer, I take my time and business very seriously, as you would hiring any other contractor. My prices that are delivered to you are set in the pricing sheet provided and are non-negotiable.

If our schedule is running behind at the reception and we expected you stay up until the cake-cutting, would you provide additional hours of service? Also, if we want you to stay longer into the reception or until the end of the reception, will you?
If it bypasses the time agreed to on the contract irregardless of days schedule, I can, but there will be an hourly fee that will be discussed per the contract.

How long is a given session?
Each session depends on the event booked and package that is purchased.

Is your business insured?
Yes, and I can provide proof of insurance upon request.

How many photographers can I expect at my wedding?
It depends on the packages you purchase, however, I would suggest having at least 2 for a wedding.

As a bride, it’s important to me, to get photos of me putting on my dress, however, I’m not comfortable with a male photographer taking photos of this. Do you have a female shooter?
I sure do.

Do you travel? Where to? What are the costs?
I love traveling. I’ll travel anywhere. Gas is an additional cost outside of 50 mls. of Paoli, PA. Further distances that require other modes of transportation, in addition to hotel expenses, are also an additional cost paid by the client. So yes, I would happy to go to Mexico, Hawaii, or New Jersey.

What gear do you use?
All expensive professional gear 😉  If you happen to know a little or a lot about cameras and it really matters to you, contact me via phone or e-mail. Otherwise, megapixels, make, model, size and all that nonsense doesn’t really matter unless you really know the value of it.

Do you have backup gear?
I have sufficient back-up gear and I’m always prepared for the worst. Accidents happen, and gadgetry fails sometimes, so every photographer should have back-up. If a photographer has no back-up, and/or their camera fails, there will be no deliverables!

My reception hall has really dim lighting, do you have the appropriate lighting gear?
I sure do.

How long does it take to get deliverables?
I like to post a teaser on my blog no later than a week after the event. Then after, it will take roughly 4-8 weeks to receive color corrected proofs. Photo albums are contingent on the revisions and the length of time the album vendor takes to produce the album.

I notice on your site that your blog postings vary in length and details posted. How come you do not post details and/or reception photos of every wedding?
Every wedding varies depending on the time contracted, the venue and personal requests from the couple and/or guests. My contract specifies a photo release form for the couple themselves, but at times it’s requested that others are removed from the posting due to privacy issues.

Do you have contracts?
Yep, and I do not do business without them. Non-negotiable.

My friend of friend of friend is a lawyer and looked over your contract, and suggested that we change points 1, 2 and 7. Would you be willing to change this for us?
Nope. My contracts are also written by legal counsel to protect my business, but also to protect the clients, so both parties understand and agree on the terms of service. If the terms of service aren’t agreed on, I’m afraid I will be declining business out of my own protection.

I am pretty sure my fiance and I are going to book you, but we don’t even know where to start with this. Do you have a planning sheet?
Yes, I have all the proper materials and I’ll walk you through everything when we meet.

If we’re having an engagement session, what do we wear?
It’s really up to you, but vibrant colors always help.